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Church of The Ancient Ways

Mission Statement:  Church of the Ancient Ways’ mission is to provide a physical place for like minds to gather and share in worship, community, and family as well and to embrace, respect, and support the individuality of every person.  Church of the Ancient Ways is an eclectic Pagan congregation; a place for all people, old and young, to grow, learn and belong.

Church of the Ancient Ways offers classes in several Wiccan Traditions, Druid Tradition, Egyptian Tradition and many healing arts classes such as Reiki, Chakra Therapy and more.  There is a place here for all people.  We honor the right of each individual to choose their own path, we celebrate diversity by embracing our commonalities.

Our purpose is to provide a place for community. Church of the Ancient Ways offers public rituals, open for anyone with an open heart and an open mind to attend.  The public rituals are planned, constructed and conducted by members of the congregation at large and we welcome all input from any who would lend their energies and creativity to our rites.  Please feel free to attend any of our upcoming events.  See our schedule.

Matters of Spirit:  Various Topics and projects are covered
Coffee Nutch:    Our social gather, a time to relax and get to know each other
Every Month Full Moon
Regular Sabbat Rites

All events are potluck.  So bring yourselves, your family, your friends and a dish to share!  All events sponsored by Church of the Ancient Ways are drug and alcohol free.

There are a couple of live-by rules at Church of the Ancient Ways:

1. An open mind
2. Respect for each other
3. Respect for scared space
4. You must be 18 years of age or older to attend any Church of the Ancient Ways events or be accompanied by a parent/guardian.


For more information about Church of The Ancient Ways please contact us at Church of the Ancient Ways or our Founder, Lady Katherina 

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