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Welcome to Guided Meditations


Here you will find a varity of guided meditations.  Under the title of each meditation there is an intro to the meditation and items you will need if you plan to do the meditation or you can do it in your minds eye.

Please check back often as we will be adding new meditations.  Blessings !!!






Greetings and Welcome to Reconnecting to the Sacred Sun Energies Meditation.


We will be creating and conducting this meditation within a sacred pyramid construct.  I will guide you through constructing your pyramid and erected your altar.


What you will need for this meditation if you are going to preform it as we go along or if you don't have these items you can do the meditation in your minds eye.  You would need. 1 white candle representing the Divine (the Lord and Lady), 1 yellow candle representing the Sacred Sun a personal candle in the color listed on the chart:

Personal Candle Colors:

January – Carmel
February – Sheer Lilac
March – Aqua
April – Cayenne Red
May – Bud Green
June – Light Gold
July – Coral
August – Orange
September – Bright Blue
October – Ceruleans or Light Blue
November – Claret Red or Rose
December - Turquoise


You will also need anointing oil, incense, matches and a candle snuffer, your journal and a pen.  Please take a moment to collect any of the items you may have forgotten.  Also if you do not have the colored candles you can use white candles and mark upon them a Sun Symbol on the sun candle and your birth date on your personal candle.


If you do not have these items you can do this meditation in our minds eye.


Are we ready to begin?  Just click the play button below.



Reconnecting to the Sacred Sun Energies
Sun Energies - Lady Katherina
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