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Sacred Light Temple of MD

Meet our Temple Clergy

Rev. Richard Keen
3rd Degree Clergy - High Priest
​I have learned many things from Lady K since I started my journey with her and The Church of the Ancient Ways in 2007.  She has taught me a great deal not just spiritually, but what it means to live and walk the path that I have chosen. Leading by example so others can see the truth of it.

I have since become a High Priest of my own temple “The Sacred Light Temple of Florida” the sister temple to “The Sacred Light Temple of Maryland”. I have also become, under the tutelage of Lady K, a Reiki Master.

I am sure my path with The Church of the Ancient Ways & Lady K will lead me to new and interesting discoveries.

Blessings & Love,
Rev. Rick
Rev. Karen
2nd Degree Clergy - Priestess 


I have had the pleasure of studying under the tutelage of Lady K for several years now, who has afforded me (and anyone else so inclined) to participate in weekly online healing rituals, as well as other more intensive studies as requested or desired, and, as always, has been there to answer any and all questions I might have had. 

I must also share that Lady K has guided me spiritually, and in turn emotionally, on highly personal matters well beyond her “duties” as my mentor.   By her example, I was shown the grace required of Clergy and embrace it fully.   

I look forward to continuing on this life-long journey as we meander down this path together.  Thank you Lady K.
Rev. Barbara
1st Degree Clergy - Priestess 
I have had the opportunity to be a student of Lady Katharina’s since she founded Church of the Ancient Ways. Under her wing, I have been able to literally turn my life around.
The programs set forth are not just awesomely Spiritual, they are filled with the values and insights into your own life and how best to make oneself a truly better person. 
Nearing the completion of my 2nd Degree Clergy, I am more excited than ever. My journey with Lady Katherina has been an enlightenment of whom I really am and who I was meant to be. She makes the words in our studies come alive and gives a new perception of how life can be.
I have been more than blessed to go forward with Lady Katherina and look forward to new horizons both spiritually and in my mundane life.
This site offers the tools to move your own life forward in a spiritual elevation, no matter what your path is; to levels that will astonish you.
The knowledge Lady Katherina has to offer will always leave you wanting more. Blessing in your journey!
Blessed Be )0(
Rev. Barbara

Rev. Ravenwolf Greenfield

First Degree Clergy - Priest


Hail and Greetings everyone,


My name is Rev. Timothy Ziman (Ravenwolf Greenfield). I was born in England and have recently moved to the United States. A little about me, I am an historian (history major) I specialize in late medieval history. I came to the tradition about a year ago and began my studies along the Clergy path, I felt a calling to serve the community and our members and minister to them as best I can. Currently I live in Chicago Illinois, having said that I am always happy to help via social media or email.  Lady K invited me to join the temple, to which I felt honored and have accepted.


    I believe in service above all, helping others and helping students with classes, or with any issues they may have. I am currently studying towards my 2d Degree.


Blessed Be.

Rev. Timothy Ziman

Rev. Garry Mooneschadowe

First Degree Clergy - Priest


Education is not the filling of a pail, but rather the lighting of a fire.  W.B. Yeats


I now stand before you with the fires of knowledge burning, a 1st Degree Priest of The Correllian Nativist Tradition and a member of the Sacred Light Temple of Maryland.


Five decades of the Goddesses vigilant attempts to get my attention, all it took was a book found in the loo.

In 2010 I met a wonderful witch, Rev Karen Jette, who introduced me to another book; Witch School First Degree.  She became not only my mentor, but a very dear and loving friend with whom I have been bonded with for all lives.  Thank you my dear friend.


Through a chain of events, I choose to take a hiatus.


In the late fall of 2015, I chose to mentor under Lady Katherine HPS after several invitations.  Radiating with love, peace, strength and nurturing.  Her online ritual style as well as mentoring style is unique, with a “meat and potato” approach.  She feeds my fire for knowledge and calls on me to awaken and exercise the voice of my inner self.


I now continue on to the Second Degree, through the journey of inner discovery, again excited and a burning desire for knowledge, I take another step forward into the dark.


Peaceful Blessings, Rev Garry Mooneschadowe

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