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Sacred Light Temple of MD

About Us

Unity within diversity.  Respect without prejudice.

The Sacred Light Temple supports the pagan community by providing a place to share spiritually while allowing individuality. It is committed to the community and to the family. Our goal is to provide a space for spiritual growth, education, community support, and community charity. Our members enjoy a place to meet for both spiritual and social events both in the local and online medium. Our focus is to build a common ground that provides a safe space, a nurturing environment and a learning place for our children and our-selves.

About our Founder:

Rev. Zaina Katherina Ghazzoul (Lady Katherina/Lady K) is the founder and Clergy of Church of the Ancient Ways, an eclectic Wiccan based congregation of solitary practitioners that join together for worship and fellowship, located in Baltimore, Maryland.  All of which are open to the public.
She is trained in Wicca (practicing for over 40 years), Druidism, and Correllian Shamanism; she is conversant in Islam, Christianity, Hinduism and Judaism.    She is an ordained Interfaith Minister and a 3rd Degree High Priestess of the Correllian Tradition.  She is High Priestess of her covens Guardians of the Sacred Flame Coven (Celtic) and Guardians of the Ancient Nile Coven (Egyptian), she is a member of the Temple of Isis.  She is a Reiki Master and teaches classes on Reiki, Chakra Therapy, Meditation and many forms Wicca, all of which are offered to the public both locally and online.
She is a member of the Interfaith Fairness Coalition of Maryland.
Lady Katherina is much honored to now be the Temple Head of the temple known as the Sacred Light Temple of Maryland, a fully chartered temple of the Correllian Tradition.
She has currently started the Druid Sacred Center Proto-Grove within Order of the Taibhsear.
Lady Katherina offers the following services:

Classes and workshops:​

Legal Marriages and Handfasting
Child Blessings
Rites of Passage
Wiccan Rituals for Sabbats, Esbats, Special Occassions marked by blessings
House Blessings
For more information on Lady Katherina’s services please contact her at 

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